"Get the electric machete."

-Randy P. ,  Adirondack Campout Feb 2020


'Ok, everybody stand in front of the murder house."

-Randy P. ,  Boonesborough Campout 2019


"I didnt give you consciencience invitaion."

-Houston ,  Boonesborough Campout 2019


"Why me?"

-Kian   -always getting attacked in Magic The Gathering"  Nov 2019


"They have a housekeeper and her name is Hazel."

-overheard conversation of unkown camper.  Webelos Woods 2019


(while tentmates were taking down their tent) Can we trade out Jeremiah for Gabe?    

-Emerson  2019 Peterloon


When Andrew T. turned in the merit badge worksheet and the councelor asked if he had the book too, Andrew replied, "What book?"     -meeting 2019



" Wow! I have never seen a car with windows that open that way." 

-- said and unnamed Boy Scout from the back of the car, an adult leader whose car that has manual window cranks. , Red River Gorge 2019


" These hamburgers and hot dogs aren't going to cook themselves."  

-cook James M , Red River Gorge 2019


"My dog likes cat turds , Farm -to- table"




"There's something weird on the internet."    -10 year old Webelo  Logan  -  2019 Yurt camp



"I dont want to get weirdish."    -Liam ,  2018 Cloudsplitter trip



"Just go slow fast."    -Ben W ,  2018 Cloudsplitter trip



[Preping to go rock climbing]:  

"I'm not emotionally ready."

-Liam ,  2018 Cloudsplitter trip



[Preping to go into the cave]:

Randy: See if your dad needs help.

Jeramiah: I don't have to help him, he's my dad.

2018 Climax Cave trip


[Standing in chow line, scouts are looking at the names on the back of the chairs on the front porch]:

scout: Greg Chase....who's he?

Randy: He's our committee chair.

scout: Is he still alive?

-2018 summer camp

"The Internet, it's a crazy thing."  --Bo   ,  2018 summer camp

"Dog....Return to post!"   -- Honor Guard Caller,  2018 summer camp when Taco (the dog) was on the field during flag lowering.

"OPEN THE ROPE BOX!"  ---ALL   2016 summer camp

[after giving orders to scouts]:  It's easier when you yell a little bit.  --Liam ,RRG Apr 2018

"No, I'm not even listening to you."  --James M  , RRG Apr 2018

"Body , body."   --various 2016  Peterloon

mom: So, how did u sleep

Scout: Ok, but I don't know about my tent mate.

mom:  Who was your tent mate?

Scout: A wolf spider

        --- unknown  , 2016 summer camp


[kid wakes up, walks over to the crowd]  

"You should pee.  It feels great."    --Gabe   Battle of Richmond 2017

[Caving] is like hiking, only harder.   -Liam   cave trip 2016

I wish people would poop like dogs do.   -webelo scout  2016