Mission :  Fri - Sat Aug  28-29,  2021

FRIDAY we will camp near a Johnny Reb encampment. Explore the cemetery at night, sleep surrounded by battle ready soldiers,

Then on Saturday, we will integrate into Civil war life in the 'town', then watch the battle on Sat afternoon.  

We return on SATURDAY about 3pm immediately after the battle.



Friday, each scout will travel to Richmond Battle Site and meet at the (A side) at the A-B border fence line (shown yellow in map2 below), in the parking lot at 6:30-7 pm .  

See maps below

SCOUTs CANNOT SHARE VEHICLES.  Each parent must drive their scout(s) to the venue.

Parents do not have to stay. Only registered adults can stay.  For now, covid forces us to travel this way.


Each scout will camp in his own tent. No sharing (except brothers)

Bring your own tent, or use 1 of the troop tents. 



Along with regular clothes, &  class A uniform, bring  Civil War era outfit:  


  • We will wear CSA outfit (above) during the day as we wander thru rebel encampments 

  • We will wear BSA CLASS A UNIFORM THROUGHOUT THE BATTLE (about 2 pm)...

  • Wear some Under Armour or other wicking shirt underneath , it may be hot.

Cost : $20.00



Maps :  Google map of our site          Local Info:   LOCAL INFO          WHEATHER


Suggested Packing List:  

  Camp Equipment  


__ CLASS A -CSA Civil War era outfit.    CSA or Union uniform or neutral prospector/explorer.

__ Under Armour  (or some wicking shirt)  It could be hot!!

__Day Pack




__Sun screen  

__Clothes (change of clothing  change of socks, underwear, B class t-shirt, long sleeve shirt for sun protection)

__Snacks (for the trip )

__Flash light / Head light


__ Water bottle  (filled with water)

__Backpack  (to carry all your clothes & equipment)

__Sleeping bag

__Sleeping mat / pad

__Personal Eating Utensils (plate, cup, spoon / fork or mess kit)

__Hygiene Kit (Toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, hand sanitizer)

__Toilet Paper in a Ziplock bag


__Emergency kit (including a whistle, pocket knife, emergency blanket, etc)

__Scout Handbook

__Wet Weather Protection Gear (Rain Jacket and Pants- pants are optional)

__Personal First Aid Kit

NO ELECTRONIC DEVICES ALLOWED ON TRIP.   (gameboys, DVD players, phones)

Sheath, butterfly, and survival type knives, etc. are not allowed on
the reservation. IF brought, the Scoutmaster should hold them until the Scout returns home. 

All fuel (propane, white gas) must be checked in and held by an adult until it is needed. Only adult leaders should handle fuel.

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Local Emergency: