Email from Mr. Miller:

It is Free Fishing Days this coming weekend (no fishing license needed in Kentucky!) and Troop 73 has a great private fishing spot picked out for Saturday morning.
Need:  Scout leaders, Dads, Moms, who like to fish (or want to learn) to help teach and supervise (BSA is not Baby Sitters of America).  I can only be there about the first hour, as I have to take Wilson Miller to Camp McKee to check in for Staff Week at noon, and we will need parents/leaders to help drive there and back, and at least 2 need to be at the activity the entire time.
When:  Saturday, June 7; Meet at Centenary parking lot at 8 am, and we will then head to fishing spot and stay until about noon
Where:  Feigel Property pond, 1301 Elkchester Road
Required: Activity Consent Form (attached) and will be made available at Tuesday's meeting and Saturday morning; needs to be signed by all participants and parents.
Bring: Fishing pole, bait (nightcrawler worms are suggested by the owner), sunscreen, hat, insect spray, water bottle. Best if your pole has a hook on the line and a bobber ready to go!
                But, if not sure what to do with fishing equipment, bring it anyway and you shall learn.
Wear:  Class B shirts, and probably not your best Class B shirt!
Best local places to get fishing bait:  Backwater Outfitters, 1660 E. New Circle Rd;  PDQ Market, 460 E New Circle Rd., any Wal-Mart sporting goods dept.
Why:  All Scouts need to know to fish!  Leave No Child Left Inside!
See link below found by Scoutmaster Pack.
More details will be given out at Tuesday's meeting, or call me during the day, 296-9229, or eves, 269-7038.
Dan Miller