From Lexington to Mountain Parkway,
Exit Mountain Parkway at Slade Ky (exit 33), turn left toward RRG to stop at Shell Gas station ahead (at intersection).
Stop at the Shell gas station, GET CAR PERMITS!
then continue About 3 miles turn left on to Tunnel Ridge Rd.

about 2 parking lots on the left is  FORT ANCIENT parking lot, try here 1st.

parking lot 1 is ARCHAIC 
parking lot 2 is FORT ANCIENT   (our new spot)
parking lot 3 is SANDSTONE 
parking lot 4 is PALEO (is last ,our old spot and our final target if all lots are full)

In Paleo, across from the restrooms is a path, follow the path across the open field (100 yards), until  the trees.

THATS Troop 73's secret spot

GPS to our secret site