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Wonderfest in Louisville, Ky on JUNE 3-4, 2017   10 a.m. until 5 p.m. both days    At the Crowne Plaza Hotel    (see map)


Now is your time to shine at one of the BIGGEST model building conventions in the nation.... WONDERFEST!   

Every year Wonderfest takes place in Louisville, Ky  as a 2 day event where modelers buy / sell / build their kits and talk to the pros from Hollywood on how they build'em for the movie industry.

Models from sci-fi, horror & anime models (aliens, robots, monsters, spaceships & vehicles, comic book characters). Some are factory produced kits, but many are Garage Kits. (A "garage kit" is built by an individual at their home because no factory will product the kit due to investment vs profit reasons)

First-time modelers of any age can visit the Make-It & Take-It Workshop and build one of the beginner-level kits...and then keep the model!  There is even a model contest in the following catagories:

I. SF / Fantasy / Horror Figures    (includes robots)

II. Super Heroes & Super Villains

III. Anime Figures

IV. Humor & Super Deformed

V. Dinos & Kaiju (giant monsters)

VI. Vehicles & Mecha (mobile suits)

VII. Dioramas

Teen Division
Includes all categories listed above; for modelers age 13-19.

Junior Division
Includes all categories listed above; for modelers age 12 and under.