1st Class Cooking Procedures
Cook needs a campout.


1.       PLAN

Scout must submit a menu for each of the 3 meals:

a.       MEAL PLAN:

1 cold meal. (usu lunch)

2 meals will be hot (usu dinner, breakfast)


submit the menu, (not a detail Qty of ingredients), just the items,

ie:  Breakfast: eggs, bacon, milk, oatmeal.


b.       Cook submits menu to Leader.


2.       APPROVAL

The campout leader will approve the menu, or suggest changes.  He will also give the headcount.


3.       PURCHASE

a.       Once the menu gets approved AND the campout headcount is given, the Scout must shop/ buy the food in the correct quantities for the headcount.

(not hand it to mom/dad to shop)


b.       He keeps receipt to turn in be reimbursed.


4.       PREP   

Blue Chuckbox: Anytime (during a meeting, or before/after) inspect the chuck box (wooden blue box) to make sure all cooking utensils needed are in the box.  (i.e: for pancakes: mixing bowl, spatula, etc)


a.       Black Patrol Box : Make sure extra gear is in the patrol box(s) :

         Stoves (minimum 2) inspect inside the stove to make sure all parts are there.


         Lighters / matches



he will cook &/or supervise cooking / serve all meals.


6.       POST CAMPOUT:

         cook gets reviewed with leader to review what he did.

         Cost /meal,


         heath value of his menu