Camping Operations Order:

Mission NOV  Fri 11- 12-13      SURVIVAL TRIP to CAMP McKEE ,Kentucky      

On Friday , Sat NOV  11 th,  we will depart from the church parking lot at FRIDAY 6:00 pm.  So show up about 5:30 am. We will return on Sunday about 12 pm so have cell phones on then for a Remind alert.

The troop is going camping on a fall  campout to Camp McKee.  The boys will be staying in the Adirondacks, a structure that is heated by a fire and stays warm in the coldest of weather. All the scouts will stay in the Adirondacks shelters (or survival shelter they built) that night.  This badge will teach scouts how to take care of themselves in the outdoors in an emergency situation.  Scouts that earned Wilderness Survival at summer camp are strongly encouraged to attend to practice these important skills.

We will be taking a 5 mile hike around the camp on the Pioneer Mountain Trail that surrounds the camp.

We will go over what to pack on Tuesday before the campout.  If you have questions email me or come to the meeting and ask.  We will make sure no scout freezes.  (again)



All scouts First Class and up are encouraged to take the Wilderness Survival merit badge.  Anyone who has Wilderness Survival can also participate as this will be totally different from summer camp.  All other scouts will be working on scout skills/advancement to get 1st Class rank , hiking the Pioneer Mountain Trail especially orienteering  ,or  Paul Bunyan award.

The cost is $20    ....    plus any lunch money on Sunday at Dairy Queen.

Please bring money and permission slips to meeting on Tuesday. 

Bring your money & permission slip to scouts by day of trip.

Download Permission Slip here

MEDICAL FORM : MEDICAL FORM - Each scout must have a the part A filled, no need for the physical.

Maps Google map      trail map

Local Info:

R Pack

Jonathan Moore 

Want to build your own survival shelter?   Or start a fire using 3 different methods?

Sign up for Wilderness Survival Merit Badge offered during the Adirondack outing.

 Wilderness Survival MB Reqs

Why take Wilderness survival now?   Prerequisites before departure
Survival is never easy First Class scout
Practice 7 priorities of Survival Copy of Merit Badge book  
Will be warmed by heat from 3 campfires 7  priorities of Survival from memory
Experience loss of morale from cold Personal survival kit
Firsthand testaments to the will to survive. Proper cold weather clothes and gear
Wants to teach classmates how to survive

and Suggested Packing List:

Camp Equipment

__1st Class Scout FULL Uniform (no jeans)

__Scout Handbook  


__Work gloves and/or winter gloves

__Day Pack


__Hot Hands (hand warmer packet)


__Clothes (change of clothing  change of wool socks, change of liner socks, underwear, tee shirt, long sleeve shirt)

__Snacks (for the trip )

__Flash light / Head light


__ Water bottle  (filled with water)

__Backpack  (to carry all your clothes & equipment)

__Sleeping bag

__Sleeping mat / pad

__Personal Eating Utensils (plate, cup, spoon / fork – or mess kit)

__Hygiene Kit (Toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, hand sanitizer)

__Toilet Paper in a Ziplock bag


__Emergency kit (including a whistle, pocket knife, emergency blanket, etc)

__Wet Weather Protection Gear (Rain Jacket and Pants- pants are optional)

__Personal First Aid Kit


 Carryon for the bus:

In a plastic bag – bring the clothes you will change into after travel (we will leave ALL uniform pieces – including Scout socks on the bus so we can travel home in clean uniforms).

 NO ELECTRONIC DEVICES ALLOWED ON TRIP.   (gameboys, DVD players, phones)


All fuel (propane, white gas) must be checked in and held by an adult until it is needed. Only adult leaders should handle fuel.


Mr. Chase’s Cell – (859) 229-4239

Mr. Pack’s Cell– (859) 351-1753