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    Eagle projects:   Eagle Project Ideas:   http://eagleprojects.boyslife.org/

Who Kian
Contact his phone
When Sat Apr 20, 2024,  9am to 1 or 2pm
Where 3460 Campus Way 40517
What scout stuff
Bring All scouts will need to bring scout pants, gloves, and safety glasses, if they have them. The rain day reschedule would be the day after, the 21st.


Eagle Applications and other Eagle Workbook documents  here

Download your Eagle Project Packet:   PROJECT WORKBOOK     

Download Eagle Application Application

Palisades District Eagle Guidelines & Requirements

What you need when all is finished:

  1. Signed Boy Scout Handbook from the Scoutmaster Conference
  2. Signed Eagle Project Packet finished
  3. Signed Eagle Application all badges filled
  4.  A written Ambition Statement about your life goals for the future as well as a listing of positions you have held in your religious institution, school, camp, community or other organizations, during which you demonstrated leadership skills.  You should also include any honors or awards received during this service.
  5. Have people send Letters of Recomendation (from each: parent, teacher, employer, religious leader in a self-addressed envelope) 

    Send letters mailed directly to USPS snail mail address: 

 Steve Garland .  Palisades District Advancement Chair

2134 Nicholasville Rd UNIT 15, Lexington, KY 40503

His email is : SGARLAND3730@gmail.com  if you need to ask questions. DO NOT EMAIL LETTERS OF RECOMENDATION.




Attention Scouts, Leaders, and Parents or Guardians
Eagle Scout rank requirement 5 has been reworded. To support that change, a new Eagle Scout Service Project Workbook has been created. Through Dec. 31, 2011, Scouts have a choice to use either the new workbook or the one it is replacing. Scouts whose Eagle Scout service project has already been approved by the council or district under the former wording of requirement 5—and using the former workbook—should continue with the same workbook. If their project has not yet been approved by the council or district, they may elect to use the revised requirement 5 and the new workbook. Starting Jan. 1, 2012, Eagle Scout candidates—unless they have already submitted a plan for approval by the council or district under the former requirement—will be expected to fulfill the revised service project requirement 5 using the new workbook.

Attention Life Scouts! Do you need money for materials and supplies for your Eagle project? Lowe's Charitable and Education Foundation is making $100 gift cards available to support Eagle Projects. 

For more information go to http://theresapatchforthat.com/lowes-eagle-project-grants/

Eagle Service Project Ideas  

  1. Contact your church
  2. The Arboretum
  3. Local Park service
  4. Catholic Action Center
  5. Habitat for Humanity


Other Eagle sites:

Useful EAGLE Sites    Planning Guide

Eagle Project Ideas:   http://eagleprojects.boyslife.org/

More Eagle Project Ideas


Bridge Buildng and Trails in Parks:






Fire Pits:




Tree Identification: 



EAGLE SONG:   Eagle Ceremony Song      

Troop 73's  Convocation of Eagles

Jon Jay M 2024
Logan C 2023
Curtis Relich 2022
Andrew Taylor 2022
James Monroe 2022
Riley Hunter 2022
 Max Rhoades 2022
 Liam Cercone 2020
 Nicholas Relich 2019
Trevor   Cesario 2018
Justin  Franzwa 2016
Sami Jabbour 2016
Jacob Ferguson 2016
Brian Craven 2015
Wilson Miller 2015
Austin W 2015
Nathan Vranicar 2015
Ryan  Wharton 2015
Mike Jarman 2013
Andy  Hoyt 2013
Dylan Farrell 2013
Joseph Schneider 2013
David Stevens 2013
John Charles Clarke 2013
Chris Ward 2013
Ryan Booth 2013
Gus Logsdon 2013
Gordon Glenn 2013
Conner Cesario 2012
Gene Logan 2012
Gordon Glenn 2012
Nathan Vickers 2012
Alex Holloway 2011
Daniel  Lewis 2010
Barrett Salley 2010
Chris Banks 2010
Zach Buhler 2010
Dean  Hagerman 2010
Benjamin  Littrell 2010
Nicholas  Michl 2010
Alex  Miller 2010
Will Mullett 2010
Tim Michl 2008
Bobbie  Dundon 2007
Griffin  Davis 2007
Michael  Brown 2006
Stuart  Michael 2006
Nick  Mudd 2006
Chase  Urschel 2006
Stephen  Dundon 2005
Mathew  Steele 2005
Alan  Forbes 2004
Mathew  Springate 2004
Mason  Taylor 2004
Hunter  Stephan 2004
Adam  Reeves 2003
Trevor  Scoggins 1987
Erin  Ward 1985
Minor  Childers 1985
Thomas  Harn 1984
Brian  Christensen 1982
Alex   Cohen 1982
Charles  Fields 1980
Jeff  Rogers 1977
Russell  Chamberlain 1976
Carl  Distler 1976
Alan  Storrow 1976
Timothy  Back 1976
Michael  Wagoner 1973