F.Y.I for New Scouts & Parents who just joined Troop 73.

Remember that the troop meets on Tuesdays from 7:00 - 8:30 at Centenary on Tates Creek.  (map)
We meet in the fellowship hall next the gym. (indoor map)
The first meeting you will attend will be to enroll your scout into the Troop. 

Please have the Youth Application filled out. (youth link

Parents who want to attend campouts/outings with their scout MUST enroll as a BSA leader.
If you were already a Webelo leader then you only need to transfer over.
New or Transfer, the parent MUST fill out the Adult Application (adult link)
Every 2 years, a registered adult leader must take the Youth Protection Training course (done online).
Newly joined leaders must take it before they are enrolled in the troop. Webelo leaders are already trained.

Once enrolled, a scout will pay dues at each meeting in the amount of $1. This dollar should be earned by the scout by
doing a task. (not just given for the sake of dues)

All scouts (youth) must have a full uniform. Adults only need one if they wish to go on outings.

  • Scout shirt  (tan , same as the Webelos shirt)
  • Scout pants (dark green)
  • and the exclusive Troop 73 neckerchief (with our logo)

The troop has a surplus of shirts & pants of various sizes for those who want.

---- the troop will issue:

  • Scout book ,
  • Troop 73 neckerchief,
  • Scout neckerchief slide,
  • Scout epaulettes (dark green),
  • Troop 73 commemorative troop number patch.

This book is his permanent record of his work & accomplishments. He must not loose it. (scout frequently leave it behind at meetings)

In the front of the book is a detachable pamphlet. Please remove it from the book and
review it with your scout. Afterward the review, in the back of the book, sign Requirement #6 for SCOUT RANK (page 439)
(the box far right of the req. is for signatures) This is the only requirement a parent can sign.

Also in the front of the scout book is an information page, please have your scout put his name on the NAME line.

Visit troop73.com and save it in your favorites since this is where we keep all the information
of upcoming events as well as Troop & BSA info.

We have an email group you can join to get the latest updates/announcements you may need to know.

PHONE TEXT APP   We can add your phone# to the Remind app.  We use it when we return from a campout to send a text telling everyone our arrival time back to the church.

Note:  Scouts CANNOT bring cell-phones on campouts.  Campouts are for scouting, not distractions they can do at home.   The leaders will all have cells for contact.

Welcome to Troop 73.