RRG Campout  

MISSION:   Sat July 20-21, 2019     RED RIVER GORGE , 

We will meet at the church on Saturday morn, and DEPART at 8 am SHARP.  So show  up at 7:30 am  to pack gear.

We are camping in the primitive lot along Tunnel Ridge Rd , either ARCHAIC or FT ANCIENT.     GPS to our secret site

We will NOT hike but will go see rock formations.  We will also work on some pioneering camp gadgets. 


Bring swimsuit & towel as we may swim at jump rock near the Suspension Bridge. (you must have passed a swim test for camp)


On Sunday, maybe a stop at  Miguels Pizza, so bring extra $5-10 for this. 1 or 2 slices is all you need, they are big.


On Sunday, please return to church to pick up scouts around 2-3 pm.  I will broadcast the arrival time via REMIND  phone app.

Campout cost  $20.00

Download TROOP Permission Slip 

MEDICAL FORM :   MEDICAL FORM AB ,   no need for the doctor physical, C.

Torrent  Web site   ,    LIVE WEATHER   ,     WEATHER FORCAST


Suggested Packing List:

  Camp Equipment

__ 1 Complete Scout Uniform CLASS A (Mandatory) uniform shirt, olive pants, red 73 neckerchief

Troop 73 always travels in full uniform, to and from the destination.

__ swimsuit, towel

__ water shoes (aka water socks shoes you wear in the water)

__ Scout Handbook

__ Water bottle  (filled with water)

__Tent  (the troop has some if you don't own one)


__Under Armor type wicking shirt (for the outdoor work)

__Clothes (change of clothing  change of socks, change of liner socks, underwear, shirt)

__Jacket (if it gets cold)

__Flash light / Head light


__Backpack  (to carry all your clothes & equipment)

__Sleeping bag

__Sleeping mat / pad

__Mess Kit - Personal Eating Utensils (plate, cup, spoon / fork or mess kit)

__Hygiene Kit (Toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, hand sanitizer)

__Toilet Paper in a Ziplock bag


__Emergency kit (including a whistle, pocket knife, emergency blanket, etc)

__Wet Weather Protection Gear (Rain Jacket and Pants- pants are optional)


__Personal First Aid Kit  


NO ELECTRONIC DEVICES ALLOWED ON TRIP.   (cell phones, gameboys, DVD players)

Sheath, butterfly, and survival type knives, etc. are not allowed on
the reservation. IF brought, the Scoutmaster should hold them until the Scout returns home. 

All fuel (propane, white gas) must be checked in and held by an adult until it is needed. Only adult leaders should handle fuel.

 Miguel's Pizza closed December 1st Feb  24th