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Lord Baden Powell
Aims & Methods

Frequently Asked Questions

Anytime there is a parent new to scouting, they have lots of questions. Some of the more frequently asked questions can be found here with brief answers. If this does not answer your question, please ask one of the adult leaders. Another section of interest might be under the Troop Committee Page (please put a link to it). This section details who is responsible for certain areas or activities in the Troop.  

    1. How much are dues? Dues are $1 per week (whether the scout attends or not). These dues are used to pay for their yearly membership and Boy’s Life subscription. Troop 73’s policy is that these should not just be paid by the parents, but that the scout should try to earn this dollar every week – even if it is paid by the parent, the scout should earn it from the parent.


    1. How often does troop 73 take a trip / have an outing? We try to have at least one outing per month. Some of these are overnighters, some are day trips, but we try to have at least one activity per month.


    1. Does my son have to have and wear a uniform? Troop 73’s policy is that ALL scouts and leaders wear their uniforms to meetings and to outings. Uniform includes Scout shirt, pants, neckerchief and all appropriate badges. It also includes the Scout socks. For board of reviews they should be in full uniform.


    1. What is a board of review and when do they occur? BOR or Board of Review happens every 3rd Tuesday of the month. These boards are used comprised of 3 adult volunteers from the committee that will ask questions of the scout. BORs are used for advancement to the next rank, merit badge completions, lack of rank advancement or disciplinary problems.


    1. How does my son get a Scout Master Conference and what is it? A Scout Master Conference is used primarily as the last step prior to the BOR for rank advancement. These are done with the Scout Master and the Scout and usually take about 30 minutes to an hour (the higher the rank the scout is trying to attain, usually the longer the conference). Scout Master conferences are to be done by appointment – the scout will call the Scout Master and setup and appointment one evening (not Tuesdays during the meeting). This is one of the methods of Scouting, to teach the scout Adult Interaction. The Scout Master will come to the scout’s house and meet with them, except for Eagle. All Eagle Scout Master Conferences are requested to be done on a Sunday afternoon at the Scout Master’s house. The whole family is invited to attend. During this time dinner will be prepared for the Eagle Scout Candidate and we will eat together. Upon retiring from dinner, the scout and the Scout Master will retreat to another room and conduct the conference.


    1. What is Order of the Arrow (or OA)? You may hear your scout talk about this. The OA is an honor society in Boy Scouts of America in which the scout must be voted in by his peers. This society is a volunteer organization that does service work. Service work that is to be done in a cheerful, discreet (or non-rewarding) manner. They have events and campouts that are above and beyond what the troop provides. To be eligible the scout must be at least 1st Class rank and have participated in 15 activities outside of troop meetings in the past 24 months.


    1. How should I create a plan for my son to get his ranks and merit badges? You shouldn’t! We will help guide your scout to create his own plan. It is okay for you to encourage them and know what they are working on, but ultimately it is up to the scout to do this. That being said, we will not leave them in the dark or just expect them to know, they will get some coaching, but your encouragement will be needed.
    2. How much is the typical outing? Most weekend outings will cost between $15 and $30 (depending on the activity). Summer camp generally cost about $180 for the week and high adventure trips can range in price from $300 to $1200 for the outing.
    1. What if my son is in band and has to miss some meetings and outings? That is okay, they just need to let their leaders know that they aren’t quitting (they will still be responsible for dues) and they should call their patrol leader periodically and keep up with events in the troop.


    1. What is Philmont? Philmont Scout Ranch is a large, rugged, mountainous ranch located near the town of Cimarron in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains of the Rocky Mountains of northern New Mexico. The ranch, formerly the property of oil baron Waite Phillips and now that of the Boy Scouts of America, is currently in use as a National High Adventure Base in which crews of Scouts and Venturers take part in backpacking expeditions and other outdoor activities. It is the largest youth camp in the world by size and number of participants.

Philmont is also home to the Philmont Training Center, which is the main center for BSA's national-level training for volunteers and professionals. In addition to its extensive BSA programs, Philmont continues to operate as a ranch, maintaining a relatively small stock of cattle, horses, and bison.


    1. How can I help in the troop? There are SEVERAL areas we can use volunteers in. Areas include Merit Badge Counselors, Assistant Scoutmasters, Committee Chairs, Sub Committees, helping with the Annual Re-charter Banquet, driving, making neckerchiefs, setting up an activity, etc.


    1. Can the younger brothers and sisters go on the campouts? We highly discourage family members from coming on campouts. One of the things we are trying to encourage in the scouts is the patrol method. When they camp, they camp with their patrol. They should have to rely on their patrol for leadership, comfort, safety and friendship. Also, the leaders need to be focused on overseeing the safety of the scouts and their participation in activities.


    1. What time do the meetings start / end? The real meeting starts at 7 PM sharp for the opening ceremony. If your scout is a patrol leader or senior patrol leader, they are part of the PLC (Patrol Leaders’ Council). Their meeting starts at 6:30 PM. This is where they go over their plans for the meeting. A typical meeting will last until 8:30 for the closing ceremony.


    1. What type of equipment will my scout need? Typically a scout will need the following:
      • Day pack
      • Back pack (larger)
      • Sleeping bag (not -20 – but a 20 degree bag will usually work. It should not be too heavy
      • Good rain gear
      • Non-breakable water bottles
      • Eating kit (for the field)
      • Good socks for hiking
      • Good boots for hiking
      • Nylon / polyester clothes for hiking and camping
      • Headlight or light weight flashlight
      • Compass
      • Whistle

Scouts can download their portion of equipment from the Scout portion of this website along with packing list (put link to – see next section). Also, they can study their Scout handbook for equipment.


    1. Does the Troop provide tents for the scouts? Currently the troop does not provide tents. However, we are thinking of buying some for high adventure trips. We do, however, encourage scouts to share tents with a buddy.


    1. Are the leaders employees of the Boy Scouts of America or the Church? No, all the leaders in Troop 73 are volunteers. There are very few professional scouters that are paid – they work at the District, Council and National levels.


    1. What do I do if my scout comes to me about bullying from older boys in the troop? Let the Scoutmaster or the Committee Chairperson know immediately! Bullying or hazing will not be tolerated. Please contact us and the situation will be dealt with.


    1. Can I sign off on activities in my scout’s book? We highly discourage family members from signing off items for their own scout (not even brothers). A scout is honest – we realize this – but it is just better that the scout have to demonstrate the activity for someone other than a family member.