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Calendar of Events

This is where we'll announce the most recent additions to our web site. If you've visited us before and want to know what's changed, take a look here first.   McKee Res:  LINK


Date Event TROOP Details District / Council Events OA
May-2024 Event Troop District OA
mon 5/6  NO committee    
5/7 PLC / meet NO PLC / meet    
May 5/11 PLC / meet  Aviation Merit Badge Day register  
5/10-12 hike   Philmont Prep Hike1    
sun 5/12   Mother's Day    
Mon 5/13 committee committee meet    
5/14 meet PLC/ meet    
5/21 NO meet    
Fri 5/24 swim    Swim Test for camp     DETAILS    
mon 5/27 holiday Memorial Day    
5/28 meet meet

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Jun-2024 Event Troop District OA
mon 6/3 committee      
6/4 PLC / meet PLC/ meet    
6/11 meet meet    
6/18 meet meet    
sun 6/23 SUMMER CAMP   start SUMMER CAMP   details    
sat 6/29 SUMMER CAMP End of SUMMER CAMP    
6/25 meet meet    
Jul-2024 Event Troop District OA
mon 7/1 committee      
7/2 PLC / meet PLC/ meet    
7/4 holiday 4th of July    
7/9 meet meet    
7/12-14 hike Philmont Prep Hike2    
7/16 meet meet    
7/23 meet meet    
7/30 meet meet    
Aug-2024 Event Troop District OA
mon 8/5 committee      
8/6 PLC / meet PLC/ meet    
fri 8/9   possible hike Mischa Mokwa Trail    
8/13 meet meet    
wed 8/14 school starts    
8/20 meet meet    
8/27 meet meet    
Sep-2024 Event Troop District OA
mon 9/2 committee      
9/3 PLC / meet PLC/ meet    
9/10 meet meet    
sat 9/14 KY  vs GA game    
9/17 meet meet    
9/20 possible RRG campout  Webelos Woods  
9/24 meet meet    
Oct-2024 Event Troop District OA
10/1 meet meet.....

$$   Philmont money is due  $$

fri 10/4 campout   PETERLOON details  
mon 10/7 committee      
10/8 PLC / meet PLC/ meet    
10/15 meet meet    
10/18 Coal Camporee  
10/29 meet meet    
thur 10/31 holiday     Halloween Haunt??    
Nov-2024 Event Troop District OA
mon 11/4 committee      
11/5 PLC / meet    
11/12 meet meet    
11/19 meet meet    
10/22 NO MEET thanksgiving holiday    
10/24 holiday thanksgiving    
11/26 meet meet    
Dec-2024 Event Troop District OA
mon 12/2 committee      
12/3 PLC / meet PLC/ meet    
12/10 meet meet    
12/17 meet meet    
12/24 NO MEET  Christmas Eve    
 wed 12/25 holiday Christmas    

tues 12/31

NO MEET new years eve    
2025 Date TROOP  District / Council OA
July 7/8-20/25