Summer Camp
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  Summer Camp Operations Order:


 Summer Camp at Camp McKee - Sun, June 18 - Sat, June 24, 2017


Early Bird Summer camp fee is $250. 

1st payment Feb 21 , $50  ($10 late fee)

2nd payment Mar 28 , $80  ($25 late fee)

3rd Final payment, May 2nd, $120


If pre-payments are not made, or are late, the fee goes up to $285.



Please make checks out to Troop 73

Payments are non-refundable from the council, but can be transferred within our troop to another scout.


Swim Test

Every person must take a swim test every year if you want to do ANY water sports.  The troop will perform a test before camp. (the best way) 

see Troop Swim Test

Otherwise the scout must take the test at camp which takes longer due to lines.


Physical Exams

Every scout in the troop, even if they are not going to summer camp, needs to have their health history form updated every year - attachment parts A and B. Any scout thinking about going to summer camp, or any campout that is longer than 2 nights, such as the Fall-break campout, also needs to have a complete physical exam. Physicals can be conducted by the scouts own physician, however the physician needs to use the official BSA form - attachment part C. As a service to Troop 73 physicians will be available to conduct the scout physicals on Tuesday, Feb 3rd at the troop meeting. Please print out and fill out parts A and B of the BSA physical forms (attachment) and have your scout bring this to the meeting on Feb 3rd. Be prepared. 


Be sure to include immunization information, or bring a copy of their shot records. They want to know immunization dates in case of a puncture wound so they know when your last tetanus shot was. 

A copy of your current insurance card is also needed. 

Deposits CANNOT be refunded BUT CAN be transferred to another scout.

            MEDICAL FORM : 


Medical Part C needed for Summer Camp
Each scout must have a physical each year. Physicals offered at the troop, or can be done by personal physician before May 10. 




CODE of CONDUCT  FORM : Conduct  Form Troop73 Scout Law 

Extra camp forms:  duty roster, etc   FORMS


"Campership" financial aid, partial or full,  to cover the fee to go to camp, is available from  funding given to the Blue Grass Council, BSA,
for this purpose (see Page 6 and 57 of the Camp McKee Summer Camp Leader's Guide ,see Scholarships section here  ),  or from Troop 73.    
Must be received at Scout office by April 1,

Contact:  Summer Camp Coordinator:  Mark Vranicar


Prescription medicationsIf your scout is on medication,  please put them in a clear plastic bag along w a note of the days/times it's to be taken.

Extra money may be needed for:
$ for certain merit badge crafts, i.e. Leather work , etc  (to buy leather)
$ for Trading post snacks / souvenirs / drinks
$ for shotgun shells / bullets for shooting sports.  (shotgun may be 14yrs limit)

Merit badges offered  :  Merit Badge Classes 

Additional info:    

Camp Mckee Website     ,    Maps  MAP TO McKEE       ,    Google map    


 Leader's guide



Sunday June 19  Father's Day

  1. Arrive at church at 9:30 am - pack gear

  2. Attend service at 11 am 

  3. Lunch at 12 noon

  4. Depart for camp about 1:00 pm

SUMMER CAMP Packing List:

___ Complete 1st Class Scout Uniform -CLASS A (Mandatory). no jeans
___ Hanger for Scout Uniform
___ Scout Handbook (VERY IMPORTANT)
___ A personal locker / Plastic Trunk with lockable top. (Like at Wal-mart ,or  DICKS )
___ Combination lock (please give a copy of the combination to a Scoutmaster)
___ 1 blue 10x10’ tarp to cover the wall tent. Some of these tents may have holes.
___ Flash light / head light
___ Hanger for Scout Uniform
___ T-Shirts, Socks, Underwear (duh)
___ Swimsuit
___ Shorts , jeans
___ Shoes (tennis & hiking) NO OPEN TOED SHOES ALLOWED.
___ Towels
___ Toilet articles (tooth brush, tooth paste, soap, comb, etc)
___ Rain gear (Jacket definitely, rain pants optional but helpful)
___ Blankets & sheets or sleeping bag (and a cheap zip up mattress cover)
___ Pillow
___ Paper/pencil/ pen
___ Merit badge pamphlets & material
___ Insect Repellant
___ Canteen (Water bottles / Nalgene Bottles) This is for EVERYONE
___ Day pack* (for the 5 mile day hike/Camping) bring Full backpack for Wilderness Survival.
___ Ground cloth* (Camping / Wilderness Survival)
___ Long sleeve shirt/long pants**
___ Money for program materials (baskets, leather, shotgun shooting, rifle, etc)
___ Money for trading post

OPTIONAL Scout Equipment
___ Watch
___ Laundry bag
___ Compass
___ Bible or Prayer Book
___ Camera & film/memory
___ Pocket Knife

___ Fishing pole / tackle
___ Frisbee / football
___ Cards / smaller type games
___ Books to read
___ Folding chair

Also, please take note of the following:

(1) Prescription medications. Meds need to be in their original containers and placed in a ziploc plastic bag along with instructions for their use. We will collect all of these prior to getting on the bus, so please don't pack them deep inside a backpack or footlocker. One of the adults will hand out these medications when required, so it's essential we keep them organized and know exactly when they are to be given.

(2) NO Cell phones. Please leave them at home. Most of the adults will have cell phones and the camp has phones, so we have plenty of ways to communicate if necessary. Cell phones make it hard for a boy to work through any "homesickness" he might experience and - these days - they're also game platforms and as such are very distracting from the camp experience. If a boy brings a phone, one of the adults will hold it for him until the end of camp.

(3) Electronic games. Not allowed. Like cell phones, they're just too distracting. Cards, puzzles, books, frisbees, board games, etc., are all okay for evening downtime - but please NO electronics.

(4) Merit Badge books and materials. First-Year campers are in the Dan Beard program (formerly called the Baden-Powell program) and need be concerned only with the Swimming and First Aid merit badges, but it is expected that each camper will bring his own merit badge pamphlets and materials for the classes he's taking. These can be obtained from the scout store. (They have a limited selection available at the Trading Post too, but it's best to get them ahead of time.) We sent an email listing of all the merit badges and their requirements and they also be found in Merit Badge Classes 99.2KB.

* Needed for the Baden Powell Program, Wilderness Survival and Camping Merit Badges

** Needed for Merit Badges: Lifesaving,Swimming and Project COPE


 A few notes on summer camp:
(1) Arrival - Please be at the church by 10:00AM on Sunday, June 19.  Scouts should be in full uniform.  We will load the bus, check forms, and check-in personal medications.  Medications should be in their original containers, sealed in a plastic bag along with the scout's name, and include instructions for giving out the medication(s) to the scout.  (Checklists for what to bring to camp were sent out earlier.)  We'll attend church service, have lunch at the church, and leave for camp around 1:30PM.  Scouts should have a full water bottle for the ride down and the check-in process at camp - it will most likely be HOT outside.
(2) Mail - Scouts love to receive mail and "care packages" (cookies, snacks, fun items, etc.) from home while at camp.  It can take a few days for mail to get to camp, so mail early.  The mailing address is:
Troop 73 Campsite 2
McKee Scout Reservation
8695 Levee Rd.
Jeffersonville, KY  40337
(Mr. Chase always likes to remind everyone that the adults like cookies, too.)
(3) Family Participation Night - Families are welcome to visit the Troops on Friday night.  ALL GUESTS ARE REQUIRED TO CHECK IN and receive a visitor’s pass.  Meal tickets are available from 4:00 PM to 5:30 PM at the Administration Building, after 5:30 purchase tickets at Stamler Dining Hall. Cub Scouts in uniform eat FREE!  The water carnival is at 4:30 p.m., retreat is at 6:00 p.m., dinner is at 6:15 p.m., and the closing campfire is at 8:30 p.m.
(4) Early Dismissal from Camp - Please note that leaving early on Friday is extremely unfair to the scouts that stay and are required to clean up and break down camp on Saturday.  If you MUST leave early, you are required to fill out a release form with the administrative staff at the administration building.  This form must be signed by a parent, the scoutmaster, and the camp administrator prior to departure.  You will also be responsible for cleaning up your personal area and carrying your clothing and equipment down from campsite 2 to your car.  Excepting cases of injury or disability, Vehicles will NOT be allowed to drive up to the campsite.  If you already know that you will need to leave camp early, please let me know before we leave for camp.

Sheath, butterfly, and survival type knives, etc. are not allowed on
the reservation. IF brought, the Scoutmaster should hold them until the Scout returns home. .

All fuel (propane, white gas) must be checked in and held by the Camp
Ranger until it is needed. Only adult leaders should handle fuel.



Local Info:

Mailing address to 

Camp McKee

8695 Levee Road
Jeffersonville, KY,40337
phone 859-498-1328
fax 859-498-1328



Carryon for the bus:

In a plastic bag – bring the clothes you will change into after travel (we will leave ALL uniform pieces – including Scout socks on the bus so we can travel home in clean uniforms).



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Camp photos are now posted here in the photo section